Paper Lili Handmade Designs
bringing people together with handmade cards
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Handmade cards created specific to your needs. 

Custom Designed, Thoughtful, & Made with Quality in Mind.  

Together we will be creating something meaningful for you to share with others. 

Businesses thrive because of loyal clients & customers.  

How do you show them you appreciate their confidence in your product or service?  


Go that extra mile and invest in a product that shows them they are worth your time & energy. 

Think about a time you were given a card you knew came out of a box of mass produced cards that others had also think of a time when you received a card that was unique, handmade, & created with thoughtfulness...did you feel more valued when receiving the second card? 


Paper Lili Handmade Designs works with businesses and individuals to

create cards that are handmade, thoughtful, and made with kindness.